Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chebe Pizza Crust

I decided to try a new product for my kids pizza day at school. I needed something easy so I didn't have the marathon session I had the last time I decided to make pizza for them. This was wonderful!! It made up very quickly and easily. The dough smelled divine too with all the italian herbs built right in. The crust came out a little chewy which is fine because it held together well after being cooked. (side note for my local friends - Harvest Health has this on sale for $2.49 this month) My kids both liked it so it is now a new mainstay in my cupboard.

I made the dough and then covered my hands in olive oil and needed it until well mixed. I rolled it out on my counter top with a rolling pin and then placed it on a pan that was lightly covered in olive oil (I don't think they tell you to do any oil but I wanted to). I baked it for 10 mins and then flipped it over in the pan so that the other side got "exposed" to the oil. I covered it with Muir Glen Organic Pizza sauce, diced ham and an Italian cheese mixture.

(Above) is a picture of the crust after being baked for 10 mins and flipped over.

Above is the picture of the pizza assembled. I never got a picture of it done because I was running behind and had to quickly pack it up and run to my kids school for lunch time.

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