Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthdays - Gluten Free Style

Last week Thursday (6/4/09) was my daughter's 7th birthday. It was our first birthday that was gluten free. We had a family party on her birthday and then we had a party at Build-A-Bear Workshop on Saturday with 4 of her friends. I made a cake for Thursday. It was a white Namaste cake. I added Penzey's Lemon Extract, Lemon Peel and Lemon Juice to it to make a lemon cake as my daughter requested. The theme of her birthday was High School Musical. You can see the cake below. It turned out really good. I love Namaste's cakes. They are so moist and close to a wheat cake.

For the birthday party I decided to make cupcakes for ease of serving with her friends. I decided to try my hand at decorating a new way - with an icing bag. These were Namaste Chocolate Cupcakes with pink frosting. Aren't they pretty?

Overall her first gluten free birthday was a success. As a mom of children with food issues I am relieved that it is over and all were happy.


Jeanine said...

What a great cake! Way to go, Mom! :) And happy belated birthday, Sierra!
Last year, I did my kid's cakes gluten-free, just cause I wanted to have a piece. :) So far though, I'm happiest with the chocolate cake recipes I've posted. Need to work on the others, I guess.

tiffrutherf said...

You so make me want to become a better cook! Tell me is the cake dairy free also?

ladybugsandbees said...

Yes Namaste cakes are dairy free.