Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Lunches

I thought I would share a quick post about school lunches. This is one thing I really hate making. Especially this time of year. It's hot and the kids don't feel like eating a lot. So here is today's *menu*. We use the Bento Laptop Lunch system. We also have the Bento Buddies. The lunch on the left is my son's. His lunch includes strawberries/blueberries, trail mix, applesauce spice bread, pretzels and a cheese stick. My daughter's lunch has strawberries/blueberries, honey roasted peanuts, buttered gluten free applesauce spice bread and cheese cubes.
The Applesauce bread is from Paula Deen and I used Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix flour blend for the flour. It turned out really good!! Very moist.
And now it's time to start breakfast. I think we will have pancakes.
To your health.....gluten free.


Celeste Jean said...

thanks for the great ideas! love those little lunchboxes! i am going to look those up.

Queen said...

Thanks for the Gluten free lunch Idea! I am searching for any idea's I can get as I am newly gluten free! Thanks for this!
Gothic Queen,
Gothic Romantic Suspense writer

care-in said...

I made that applesauce bread and it was delicious!

ladybugsandbees said...

Thank you for the feedback. Glad I could share. I am getting braver about trying to convert my old *wheat* recipes. There will be more coming from my kitchen now that school is almost over.