Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Cookies for Everyone......

I have been baking and cooking like a mad woman. I will join my hubby tomorrow in Oregon and the kids will be left with grandma and grandpa who are gluten free and dairy free challenged. So I end up doing a weeks worth of work in a few days. I made pizzas, bread, waffles, and cookies... ah the cookies! I am loving the new Enjoy Life Cookies for Everyone. I thought I would tease you with some more.

Page 70 - Positively Pumpkin Cookies. These are very good and good for you. They contain pumpkin, rice bran and flax. Plus raisins if you please.

Then for the sweeter side of cookies.....

Page 59 - Oh So Delicious Sandwich Cookies. When they say to bake until the cookies are crisp you will need to do this or they crumble into bits. I put them back in the oven to get them like oreo's.

I highly recommend this cookbook. It is a must have for the allergy family.

To your health!


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Thank you for posting this! I'm not sure I would have known about it had you not mentioned it.

Enjoy Life is positively my absolute favorite brand of products since my family went GFCF (and free of many other things as well!) in December '08.

Thanks again!