Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dark Teff Sandwich Bread - GF/CF/EF

I made an absolutely fabulous bread. It contains a very nutrient dense flour - Teff. Teff is an Ethiopian grain. I had used it in smaller amounts in various recipes but never as much as this bread calls for.

For this bread I used the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen Dark Teff Sandwich Bread recipe. I did not let this bread rise enough so the next time I make it, I will allow it to rise a bit more. The best part(s) about this bread are that it is gluten free, casein free, and egg free. It tastes a lot like the whole wheat bread you would get at an Artisan bakery. The one down side is that Teff is expensive. One pound at my local health food store was a little over $8. Thank goodness for's subscribe and save program. I ordered 4 bags of Bob's Red Mill Teff Flour from them for $21.

Bake some bread, slice it up warm and enjoy......


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Pam said...

I love bread...nice job!